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Stainless Steel Planters
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 Grade with Nickel 8 to 10% and Chromium 18%.
  • Metal Gauge ranges from 20 to 14 depending on size of Cylinder I Planter.
  • Finishes: Polished (Mirror) & Stain (Brushed),Designs,Metal and Colour.
  • Do not Rust or Split and are 100% water tight.
  • Provided with an inner GRP water- proof lining.
  • Upper edges Smooth rolled, straight and incurved.
  • Also available with castor base and wheels.
  • Fire and Heat resistance up to 1100° c.
  • Hygiene Easy cleaning ability.
  • Aesthetic appearance / Corrosion Resistance.
  • Strength to weight advantage High tensile strength.
  • Fully recyclable and no disposal problems.
  • Constructed with Deep draw /Seamless welding technology, welding absolutely invisible.

All sizes mentioned are in mm .
R = Radius L = Length H = Height D = dia T = Top B = Bottom/Breadth Custom made planters of various size and design apart from the standard ones could be manufactured by us.